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How Hugh Jackman Got Big And Ripped?

hugh ripped

Hugh Jackman is known for his acting skills, but he is also known for his impressive physique. He went from being completely ordinary to extremely muscular. He did this via intense training, good dieting and the right supplements. Let’s discuss these things in more details below.


Hugh Jackman’s Intense Workout


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When Hugh Jackman knew he was going to play Logan, AKA Wolverine in the X-Men, he decided to hop onto an intense training regime. Although Jackman had a ripped body when he was finished filming Les Miserable, he still wanted to improve his physique for Wolverine, which he did by jumping on a four-week program.

His workout plan included aiming for high reps, with the goal to encourage sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. Before doing that, Jackman focused on direct strength training by focusing on heavyweight and doing between 1-5 reps. By combining both styles of training, Jackman did make the best gains possible. This is how he did gain around 25 pounds of lean muscle within a matter of a few months.

The former Broadway star, as well as star of the film The Prestige, Also focused on basic lifts, progressive overloading and various free-weight exercises. He did point out that during his training for Wolverine, he never trained with any machines.

As you can see, Jackman didn’t use steroids to get his physique. It all came down to hard work, many hours at the gym and sheer determination.


A Good Diet

By taking a good intra workout drink and eating the best post workout food, you can get one step closer to looking like Jackman or at least a step closer to getting the physique you’ve always wanted.

With that said, Jackman was known for eating significant food over the course of a few years. Diet is important, and remember he ate sensible. Generally speaking, Jackman consumes around 4,000 or more calories per day and at one point he was claiming to eat around 5,000 per day. He was known for fasting for 16 hours and eats all his foods within an eight hour period.

As for foods he ate, it was pretty bland. He packed on solid muscle by sticking to a high-calorie diet that included a moderate amount of carbs, but low in fat. Foods including veggies provided Jackman with carbs and now and then he ate brown rice. Lean chicken breasts was a staple of his diet. It’s important to note he added nothing to his chicken, as all he did was steam it.


The Right Supplements

As for supplements, he didn’t actually take many to get the physique he has. He regular consumed protein shakes after his workouts, as well as before. Besides that, he got his nutrition from foods and he may have been taken a multivitamin and other supplements including fish oil pills. One thing he didn’t take was a steroid. Steroids can cause significant harm to the body, but Jackman got big and ripped through intense training, protein supplements and dieting. Remember, if you want to grow and get as big as possible, then you need to consume far more calories than you take in. The more you eat and the healthier you eat, the better the shape you will be in as time goes on.

Do you want to get a body like Hugh Jackman? If so, then you’ll want to boost your testosterone level, consume a quality protein shake regularly and use other powerful supplements, including a legal version of Clenbutrol. By doing this, you will experienced increased vascularity, gain strength and enjoy many other benefits.

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