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Bodybuilding has long been an established passion. A quick glance at the gym shows a mix of people from all age ranges, genders, ethnicities.

They all share that one goal to improve their health and fitness.Some gym-goers at the gym will tell you that the key to building muscle is down to lifting weights.

Others will tell you that it is cardio training and sweating as much as you can. Of course, there is some truth to the above, but the fact is muscle growth only happens during rest.

All the time spent at the gym is nothing more than a stimulus telling your body how to grow. During rest, your body goes through a phase where muscles are rebuilt to be bigger and stronger.

The foods you eat drive this process. Food, in this case, is more like resources for your repairing your body.

In this way, the better the food you give to your body the better your muscles will turn out. It is no doubt that men want to be lean and ripped. Women want to be slim in the waist and curvy in the right places.

Many think that a key to a fabulous body is working out hard putting your body through agony. But the neglected area that gives lasting results is the attention to rest and diet.


So what should I be eating to ensure my muscles are getting the right nutrients?


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The essential nutrient you need to bear in mind PROTEIN. Protein allows your body to create new muscles and build strength.

Successful athletes and bodybuilders plan their protein intake with great care. To give you an idea of where to look for protein below is a list.

Mixed Nuts
Nuts such as almonds, peanuts, walnuts, and cashews are full of protein and healthy fats. A serving of 2 oz. Contains 6g of protein.

Greek Yoghurt
A serving of 8 oz. will give you 23g of protein with calcium and probiotic bacteria for your gut.

Cottage Cheese
A serving of 1/2 cup will give you 14g of protein. A good source of casein.

One large egg will give you 6g of protein packed full of amino acids and omega-3 fatting acids.

Turkey Breast
A fine cut of turkey breast is a good way to introduce high-protein low-fat, low-carb foods to your body. A serving of 3oz gives 24g of protein.

We could go on with a bigger list, but we want to keep information concise and digestible.


When are the best times to consume Protein?



There are three vital times to introduce protein to your diet. Pre-workout meals prepare your body with energy. Hit the ground running hard as soon as you begin your workout.

See a full article on pre-workout meals here.

Intra-workout meals ensure that you have the right nutrients to maintain stamina. During intense training this allows you to go longer without feeling fatigued.

See a full article on intra-workout meals.

Post-workout meals are for locking-in foods during the brief window after the workout. This is when your body craves protein the most and is also when it will absorb the most protein.

See a full article on post-workout meals.

Planning meals around the three critical windows allow supercharging your growth potential. The sources of food mentioned above can give you some ideas about what to include in your meals.

But planning your meals is a task in itself especially if you’re starting out in the gym. For the hard work you are putting in in the gym the last thing you want to do is to squander effort with a misplanned diet.

Being fit and healthy should make you feel empowered and lively. It shouldn’t bring about stress over planning meals.

That is why many health and fitness enthusiasts turn to supplements for the solution. Protein shakes have been in the fitness world for decades.

In the beginning, scientists created protein shakes for professional bodybuilders and athletes. Whey protein, a by-product of cheese production filled the gap in nutrition requirements.

But these protein shakes aren’t very sophisticated. Athletes and bodybuilders needed to take other supplements like BCAA, Creatine, L-Glutamine.


All-In-One Blackwolf Workout


The good news is that the supplement world has come a long way since then. Due to increasing demand, research leads the development of an all-in-one solution.

This all-in-one Protein shakes means that there are no extra pills to take. The result is less hassle an elegant product.

One Protein brand that we love at Protein Exec is Blackwolf Workout. The brand has gained massive popularity among the bodybuilder circle.

This is because of its powerful and unique formulation developed by top scientists. Designed for consumption for Pre-Workout, Intra-Workout and Post-Workout.

This means that you know exactly which supplement to take for each phase. If you want to know why we love the BlackWolf so much, check out the visit the official Blackwolf Workout page.


Simplify Your Lifestyle Working Out with Blackwolf


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With the right workout supplements, you can achieve greatest results with less time. Blackwolf Workout is gaining recognition because of their focus on their customer’s needs.

Rather than a neverending list of products the company offers the essentials. Blackwolf range is perfect for every professional with improving their fitness in mind.

For women, Blackwolf workout offers the Huntress range. For men, the company created the Hunters range.

By refining the essential nutrients down to one blend, this replaces the need for extra pills. A simpler approach to your diet means to less energy required for being healthy.

This gives you more time to enjoy the gains and live your life. You can concentrate on killing every session with the reassurance your diet is sound.

All the active ingredients capitalise on muscle enhancement.



Get To Know The BlackWolf Formula


Eliminate2The unique Blackwolf Formula contains a well-balanced ratio protein and supplementing compounds. To name a few these include L-leucine, L-isoleucine and creatine monohydrate.

L-valine is essential for repairing muscles and facilitating muscle growth. L-taurine allows you to workout longer without feeling fatigued. Other components include Zinc, CoQ10, and selenium blended to perfection.



Blackwolf Workout Supplement Facts



  • Simplified all-in-one power formula.
  • Workout supplements are suitable for men and women.
  • Recommended by top performing Athletes
  • Tested and backed by scientific research
  • Contains 100% active ingredients free from binders and fillers
  • Available from official website
  • Worldwide Delivery
  • Frequent discounts and promotional offers
  • Training guides and 24/7 customer support.


Blackwolf Workourt Final Note



The key to a great body is seventy percent diet and thirty percent workout. Though few would like to admit this, the statement below is never truer.

With the right workout supplements, you have every reason to get that body you deserve. There are many protein products to choose from so we understand how this can be overwhelming.

So we encourage you to try out Blackwolf for a simplified life. We are confident that this will give you great results.

Give it a try and do let us know how it goes. We look forward to hearing from you.

Protein Exec